Upcoming Training Hosted in Partnership
with the Nutley Chamber of Commerce for Member Businesses

Goodwill Industries of Greater NY and Northern NJ – Middle Skills Management Training: Goodwill Industries of Greater NY and Northern NJ is offering a no cost training program to the Nutley Chamber of Commerce Members to connect their experienced workers with the training and resources they need to move up in their companies.

This training is geared to employers operating in industries requiring customer service, retail, or related skills and will include topics such as team building, conflict resolution, motivating employees, creating a culture of customer service excellence, etc. Training is provided locally by an expert in the field of personnel development. This initiative is a community-based program funded by the Walmart Foundation.

The program will work with local employers to help them meet their middle-skill level employment needs, reduce turnover and lower recruitment cost. Eligibility is simple. Employers can refer any of their employees who have at least 6 months experience and who they feel have the potential to move up in their company with appropriate training.

CLICK HERE if you are interested or have questions, or please contact the Chamber office at 973-667-5300 or EMAIL US.

For additional information or questions, please contract Rebecca Shulman
at or 973-474-2024 (office) or 862-368-1524 (cell).