Q – Can businesses outside of Nutley join the Nutley Chamber of Commerce?
A – Yes, absolutely. The Chamber has Members in many surrounding towns. They appreciate and take advantage of the many networking opportunities we offer as a chance to expand their business reach. For a Member, a Chamber of Commerce is essentially an inexpensive networking and business promotional hub. If you have a business that would benefit from belonging to a business association outside of your immediate area, we strongly recommend joining Nutley’s CoC. Members who have businesses outside of Nutley must understand that there will be situations where some of our events and programs will not benefit them in another town, though. We also recommend that you research your own local Chamber of Commerce. See: How to Join.

Q – Can you tell me more about NCoC Gift Certificates?
A – NCoC Gift Certificates can be purchased through the Chamber Office in $5 & $25 increments. They can be spent anywhere around town where you see the Love Nutley – Shop Nutley sign. Please call the office prior to make the trip. This is a free benefit to Our Members. They are fully reimbursed for all NCoC Gift Certificates.

Q – Can the Chamber send me information about Nutley and the businesses around town?
A – Yes, though we recommend you do most of your research on-line, first. You can also visit: www.nutleynj.org. This is the township’s official website and can answer most questions. Other Nutley sites are available above. For other issues dealing with the township in general, please contact town hall directly at (973) 284-4951 or write to them at: Nutley Town Hall, 1 Kennedy Drive, Nutley, New Jersey 07110. Send requests to chamber@nutleychamber.com.

Q – Can the Chamber recommend a business?
A – Since 1953, The Chamber has supported its members-in-good-standing. We make referrals but not recommendations. It is up to the consumer to do his or her own research. Further, we can neither refer nor recommend businesses that are not Chamber Members.

Q – Can the Chamber help me with a dispute I have with a business?
A – After attempting to resolve the problem yourself, the Chamber always recommends that you contact us. Although we can not act as mediator in any dispute, our Members represent our high standards for doing business. Complaints about Members are kept on record at the Chamber office and are considered seriously by the Board of Directors. If the business in question is not a Chamber Member, there is very little the Chamber can do. Your next step is to contact The Better Business Bureau of New Jersey. Legal action should always be your last resort.

Q – Can the Chamber help me find sponsorships, donations and/or contributions for my event or charity?
A – We are also a non-profit organization raising funds for our own events and programs. And as a very strict policy, we do not solicit our Members for other organizations. All of our Civic Organizational Members benefit from Chamber Membership and are able to promote their fund raising events through the Chamber’s weekly newsletter. Civic Membership is only $50/year. See our HOW TO JOIN page for more info.

Q – Will the Chamber give me a copy of their Membership list contact information?
A – Though we don’t share our Membership mailing list, email list nor contact info with anyone (including our own Members), you are more than welcome to use this website to create your own data base. This is a very strict, self imposed, privacy policy implemented at the request of our Members to avoid unwanted solicitations.

Q – Can the Chamber, itself make a donation/contribution to my fund raising program?
A – Nutley Chamber of Commerce Members work together to promote the economic development of our town. It is a voluntary, non-profit, private, business association, autonomous and independent, neither seeking nor accepting financial aid from any other organization. It is financed entirely by membership dues. The Chamber is not supported by tax dollars. Its sole loyalty is to its Members and our community. The Chamber provides services to its Members through networking events, promotional programs and by creating open communication among the Members. As a non-profit organization, we raise funds for our own events and programs which fit our Mission Statement. As a result, we can not contribute to other organizations’ events and programs that do not.

Q – Can I promote my event in the Chamber’s Weekly Newsletter?
A – All Chamber Members are encouraged to promote their community support efforts, free events, business anniversary, expansion, changes/additions to your staff, and free networking events in the weekly newsletter. PLEASE NOTE: All Newsletter announcements are subject to Board approval. No soliciting, advertising, marketing, or promotions or sales. No attachments.

Q – What are the rules to winning the NCoC Facebook Fan Lottery?
A – Very easy. Sign on to Facebook. Become an NCoC Fan and your name is automatically entered into the weekly drawing. Members of the Chamber and previous winners are not eligible to win.

Q – What are the rules to posting to the Chamber’s Facebook page?
A – The Chamber will post membership renewals, new Member announcements, our upcoming events and programs, and our member’s announcements as they appear in our weekly newsletter. A link to www.nutleychamber.com will always be available so that potential customers, clients, and patients can find out more information about our Members. NCoC Members wishing to post an announcement to the NCoC Facebook page must submit it, via email, to and have it approved of by the Chamber Office. NCoC Facebook page postings are subject to the same rules, requirements and restrictions as are our weekly newsletter.

Q – May I speak at your next Monthly General Membership Networking Luncheon?
A – Our Luncheons, held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, at noon, at one of our Member’s establishments, are open to all who wish to attend and are a great opportunity to network with roughly 45 others. Luncheon Speakers, and their topics, must be pre-approved by the Chamber Executive Board. Speakers must submit, in writting, what they plan to talk about. Speakers are limited to subjects that pertain specifically to doing business locally, (i.e. how to improve your business, promote you business, local and state laws that affect small business, etc.) Further, Luncheon Speakers may not solicit or promote themselves while addressing the attendees. Finally, Chamber Members are given preferencial treatment as speakers to non-members. All who attend are encouraged to network and promote individually, not as speakers but as attendees. This is a very strict, self imposed policy implemented at the request of our Members.

Q – Will the Chamber lend its support or name to non-Chamber programs?
A – Even in the case of an event/program sponsored or hosted by a group of our Chamber Members, The Executive Board of the NCoC considers each proposal individually. Please keep in mind that our mission statement states that we are an association of business owners, professionals and civic organizations “working together to promote the economic development of our town.” We can not be associated with any religious, political, racial or any other bias affiliations. Further, we can not support or lend our name to events or programs that promote any one individual Member’s business if it does not solely benefit our Members and our organization.

Q – Does the Chamber sell advertising or offer free/discounted promotional opportunities for its Members?
A – Most Chambers raise money for their organizations by selling ads in directories, on maps, etc. As a general rule, we do do not. We offer FREE promotional opportunities. This web site is a prime example.

PLEASE NOTE: The NCoC is not a promotions/advertising/public relations firm. We have Members who make their livings selling advertising and creating promotions. Contact them directly. We could never effectively and efficiently offer all of our Members equal and fair service. Members must be willing to promote themselves through the programs we do offer.